Tennis Beanpole’s Adventure

China – Shang Simla

World Adventures Expansion Mini Review

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Please enjoy the slideshow of Tennis’ adventures and if you want read down for my thoughts on the expansion 🙂

Tennis is on her way to China, Shang Simla which is apparently based of of the Forbidden City in Beijing but i dunno about that. Either way it’s quite beautiful even on my low graphic settings.

The main thing the land has to offer is martial arts training, Tennis utilized this thoroughly and sparred with sims Wei Pei and Li Yuan.  She won against the fire 2-0 but lost to the guy in the green. The sims here bow when greeting and eat with chopsticks which was a nice addition.

What I didn’t like if how little people and town life is going on, there are other tourists which is cool but it’s pretty empty which is kinda the opposite of real China but then again this is a game and it’s supposed to be based in some small town not the city.

Tennis also explored under the Halls of the Lost Army where many traps and doodads lay. She solved the puzzle bringing the desired object to the man who requested it. This can be pretty fun exploring and solving each puzzle but can get tiring quickly. One thing that was cool is that you need to finish the missions in China to get a super power which comes in use when you go to Paris and Egypt the other two locations for travel.

Other than the tomb exploring there isn’t much to do and there’s about 2 skills you can learn along with some hidden skills. You can also learn three songs in each country and your sim can sing them to people and be obnoxious but I like it.

Only one person was mean to Tennis her name was Mu Lan Jun Fai, but other than that Tennis had a fun time sadly the vacation times only last 3 days at first and can extend once you gain visa levels. While I feel like they could add more it was the first expansion and it does add some fun to the game.


Tennis Beanpoles Teenage Years .4

Things are getting better

Tennis called up grandma Illianna to hang


Then she went to visit.


They built a snowman together cause thats all that people do apparently.


Aw how lovely I hope its a normal-


Damn it.


Grandpa greeted Tennis at the door with open arms.


She explored the house seeing a purple room and thinking wow it’s like it was meant for me.She suddenly felt alone again.


So she went back downstairs to see talk to her grandparents, they had grown apart from their son over the years but were also sad.


Fawn her cousin came back from whatever and they hugged, Tennis was invited to sleep over.


Her grandparents Dustin and Illiana probably felt bad for Tennis being alone all the time, she slept in the purple bed feeling the warmth of family once again.


When they woke up Tennis met with her aunt again Kaylynn.


They all ate breakfast together.


It felt almost bittersweet how happy Tennis was, and warm cause of the fire place.


Grim reaper melting as the seasons were slowly changing.


Kody invited her out on a date, he was now an adult so they couldn’t kiss or anything cause sims don’t allow that.


Being out past curfew again she was collected by the cops, they obviously haven’t learnt that there was nobody home to be mad at Tennis for being out late.


Except the ghosts, Parker made fun of this zombie while Tennis came home.


Ragina and Parker stared at eachother for a while, weird or romantic?


Ragina returned every once in a while to play some music, a haunting reminder for Tennis.


And Parker made a meal and a big mess.


Tennis Beanpoles Teenage Years .3

Trouble with Cops and the Older Man

Parker her father visited again to make a nice snowman.


wow thanks, another grim reaper.


Here is Kody Bunch he is the grandchild of Igbal Alvi who Ragina tried to romance in the first chapter of this story.


They met after school and Tennis laid a kiss on him, successfully unlike her mother.


They then did homework in the snow cause they couldn’t go to the library across the road.


Tennis was out for so long the cops came and took her home.


Because a child without parents still has curfew??


Parker was still out when she got home.


Tennis talked to him about how hard work was.


And he comforted her.


They visit quite often checking on Tennis.


Or just getting out to stretch their legs.


They talked for hours until the sun came up and they had to return to their graves.


After this night Kody aged up into a young adult.

Tennis Beanpoles Teenage Years .2

Moving On

Snow covered the things reminding her of her parents.


Tennis took her sadness and anger out on the snow, she wasn’t ready to move on. She didn’t get why they weren’t here.


She finished work as usual, so tired she felt as though she was close to collapsing.


As usual on a full moon zombies spawned and crazies were about skating on the icy pond.


This zombie picked at the Magic Bean plant.


Then a familiar face came through the door to visit.


The ghost of Ragina sat on the seat and drank juice, as if nothing was different.


Tennis’ bottom lip wiggled in sadness as Tennis held back her tears.


They hugged and Tennis broke down, crying into Raginas chest.


Ragina gave one last hug before leaving back into her tomb stone.


Tennis has been obsessed with death recently, all the snowmen turning into grim reapers.


Look at that emotionless gaze.


Then it was prom time, Tennis put on her pinky lilac type dress she thought of the grim reaper as her date and went in.


At home Parker came out in the dead of the night to make a snowman.


Finally a normal one.


After prom Tennis came home beaming happiness.She was named prom queen and someone woo’d her. Someone by the name Kody Bunch he had blue hair, that’s what the young people like right?


On her desk was the last picture they took together, Tennis studied hard for them.


The night went on as the fog got heavier, and Tennis went to bed.


Tennis Beanpoles Teenage Years

A Horrible Beginning

Tennis Beanpole’s teenage years began.


She went about her life normally, enjoying some of the ole sport.


She went to the school to sign up for the sports club then hung out in the children’s playground like a weird green freak.


Met up with a strange man and kicked the ball back and forth.


Tennis went to the graveyard for her first day at her part time job, she like dug graves and stuff.


She then went home to go to bed, when this plant somehow ended up on their land.


Ragina went to investigate.


She took a bean and ate it, she turned yellow which was a lovely change from her usual green hue.


Suddenly Ragina had the urge to eat more and more.


They made her feel sick until she vomited. She then kept eating until…




She got lit on fire from eating magic beans…


Ragina was too tired… To put out the fire. In the SNOW?!


Ragina ran around the yard ridiculously until it happened.


She turned into ashes.


Grim arrived.


Parker cried as the Grim Reaper took Ragina from him.


They shook hands, Ragina understanding fully what has happened. She left this world as dramatically as she existed.


Parker was heartbroken.


He also found the bean plant and took a few not knowing what they did to his wife.


They made him glow yellow aswell, but nothing else.


Tennis comforted her father while he cried, something she had never seen before.


Suddenly pain took over his body.


And Parker collapsed to the snowy ground.


Parker in his heartbroken state had forgotten to eat, he starved to death.


His body lit up like a star.


As his now less buff ghost appeared, they shook hands like usual and Parker left.


Tennis was left alone. The snow covered the headstones layering up until you could barely see them.


After all that trauma Tennis got this lifetime wish… It was a very sad time for her, she didn’t want something like this to happen ever again to anyone else. She would eliminate the magic bean addictions in the town and make her parents proud.

lifetime wish

(A lifetime wish is a wish that stays for their whole life until you fulfill it, their ultimate goal)


The Childhood of Tennis Beanpole .2

Birthday Party!

This chapter is just gonna be a short slide show.

Tennis ages up into a teenager! She got the trait Athletic.

Just enjoy the faces of her parents Ragina and Parker her teenage years are about to get juicy from the very beginning!

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Don’t worry we’ll try to fix Tennis’ hair next chapter.